Primer: Races in the Sixth City

Sixth City Population Census

Human: 50%
Elf: 10% (Drow 8%, High 2%)
Gnomes: 10% (8% Rock, 2% Forest)
Dragonborn: 5%
Half-Elf: 5%
Kenku: 5%
Tabaxi: 5%
Triton: 5%
Lacking census data: Changelings
Others: 5% (Dwarf, Goliath, Tabaxi, Tiefling)
Not present: Aasimar, Half-Orc, Lizardfolk


By far the most numerous of the Sixth's City's denizens, humans are the innovators, the achievers, and the pioneers of the Neath. They're also the most diverse and individual of all the races in the Sixth City, and their position as an overwhelming majority gives them significant sociopolitical advantage.


Drow elves are by far the most common variety of elves in the Neath, although high elves are not entirely unheard of, especially in the Academy or in courtly circles, where a disproportionate number of high-ranking officials are of high elven descent. The two groups are generally lumped together as "elves" by less educated folk, but they differ in many significant and dramatic ways. Drow are, as a rule, cruel and viciously self-serving, whereas their high elven kin - though aloof - value self-expression and freedom greatly, making them something of an outlier in the Sixth City.


Gnomes have secured themselves a position as bureaucrats, scribes and clerks within the Sixth City. Their ingenuity, dedication, and generally sunny disposition towards people has made them a valued and respected part of the Sixth City's populace.


Dragonborn are something of an enigma to the people in the Sixth City, not least of which because everyone more or less agrees that dragons are gone if, indeed, they ever existed in the first place. Many dragonborn become sea captains or adventurers to find out about their past heritage, which has remained a mystery to scholars for so long. Their intimidating stature and appearance also mean that dragonborn have no shortage of work as warriors or bodyguards, but they also tend to be ostracized by society for the same reasons. 


Elves' scarcity makes half-breed offspring even rarer, but elf-human unions certainly aren't unheard of. Like elves, half-elves don't suffer from any particular discrimination from most people in the Sixth City, who have far better scapegoats for tragedies in their lives than people with pointy ears. Still, their half-breed status means half-elves can never quite fit into either of their societies as well as elves or humans can.


Kenku aren't particularly well-liked in the Sixth City, if only because almost all of them tend to be petty criminals, and their lack of creativity and ambition means most of them don't have the means to change their lives anyway. Kenku thieving crews are common, but seldom very skilled. Their constant harassment of the working class has made Kenku into outcasts and second-class citizens.


Tabaxi, or "cat people", are feline humanoids native to the south-western islands of the Neathsea. Many of the Tabaxi working in the Sixth City are sailors, smugglers, or pirates (or all three) coming from the Island of Cats to the west, which they're all remarkably tight-lipped about.


As far as anyone in the Sixth City knew, Triton didn't exist until a hundred years ago, when a great many of them begun to migrate to the Sixth City from the sea. Triton rarely speak of the reasons for their departure from the seas and, indeed, many of their own people are unclear on most of the specifics. Their society is rigidly hierarchical, and they tend to try their best to avoid having to socialize with other races.


Changelings, or face-thieves, are some of the more unsavory creatures that have settled in possibly every major community in the Neath. The Sixth City's Ministry spends a great deal of time and effort into rooting out Changelings, but despite this it's impossible to tell just how many of the Sixth City's citizens are face-thieves in disguise. Facts are elusive, for they change faces as often as a gentleman changes his waistcoat.
  In their true form, Changelings are faceless and fair-skinned, and their shape is humanoid. Many believe they are,- at least loosely,- governed by a secretive cabal, but despite this, several elements of the Sixth City, from criminal organizations to members of the city's elite, use Changelings as their spies and informants.


Dwarves exist in the Neath as Duergar, or Gray Dwarves. They're vicious slavers and pirates, roaming the Neathsea. Very few are welcome in the Sixth City, and those who are are treated with contempt.

Goliath are a principled and dedicated warrior people from the Neath's mountain reaches in the east. They revere Stone, and tend to only come to the Sixth City as passer-bys and travellers, sometimes mercenaries looking for work.

Tieflings are almost always visitors from the Iron Republic in the distant south. They're justifiably feared and ostracized, for almost all tieflings work for the Iron Republic's cruel masters.

Primer: Races in the Sixth City

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