Primer: Gods of the Neath

The Neath is full of things men and women can barely even comprehend. The gods of the Neath are one such thing: they're not so much worshipped as they're feared, spoken of furtively and never invoked without cause. These deities are distant and impersonal, and they never commune directly with the denizens of the Neath. They make their will known through fate, omens, or dreams. Indeed, to most people in the Sixth City, the gods matter very little at all. They have no established religion, and no grand places of worship. 
   Aside from the odd cleric or priest, it's only really seafarers who pay the gods much heed.

Stone, the Mountain

It's very far away, but perhaps it's watching you.

Stone is the protector of mortalkind in the Neath and influences the lives of nearly all who inhabit it. The unnatural, unexplainable vitality she emits is what makes death in this realm mostly impermanent, theoretical affair. Stone is life and light; blood and tears. She protects her followers from withering, and those who earn her boon are healthier and more agile.
Cleric Domains: Life, Light, Nature

Storm, the God in the Roof

Every once in a while, rocky fragments fall from the roof of the Neath.
The older parts of the city are pocked with scars. The sound is one no one soon forgets.


An ancient anger, Storm is the embodiment of air, the weather, and the skies – well, as much sky as you get in the Neath. He's punishment, judgment, passion and strength. Storm's favor can never be completely won – but his guidance has been known to give devout followers strength and resolve when they need it.
Cleric Domains: Tempest, War

Salt, the Traveller

To east we’ll sail, until the islands fall behind and the sea’s waves grow.
The false-stars will pale, until the Neath’s roof grows invisible above.
New scents will prickle the air: something like spice,
or something like pine.


The flowing currents of time and memory are Salt's providence. He is the embodiment of the Neathsea itself, and his influence is subtle and often unnoticed, though he may reward those who gain his attention with sudden revelations. Of course, not all of them are true. Slow to anger but greatly feared, beware those who draw Salt's ire: he can undo past achievements, take your loved ones, or alter your past in terrible ways.
Cleric Domains: Knowledge, Trickery

Primer: Gods of the Neath

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