The Neath is an ancient place. It’s an enormous cavern, large enough to contain several continents, and is perhaps (if the blind doomsayers of Kharnath are right) all that ever will be. It’s certainly all anyone’s ever known. Cloying darkness and giant stalactites the size of cities. One of them is a city. It’s older than gods and older and memory, dimly lit from above by shimmering false-lights that vanish and return to confuse sailors and lead them astray.

And there are many sailors. In the center of the Neath is the Neathsea, a vast uncaring ocean of unknown size and impossible strangeness, home to incredible wonders and unspeakable horrors alike. Most of the Neathsea remains uncharted because sailing is a dangerous and chancy vocation in a world without a sun or stars to guide one’s way, even without having to worry about being eaten – or worse – by monsters from deep below, or else swept away by the Fathomking’s fickle whim.

Our adventure begins in the outskirts of Iron Republic territory on a ship bound for the Republic’s visitors quarters, essentially a part of the city adapted to fit the tastes and needs of mortals. Your character has booked passage on the ship for their own reasons, not necessarily to reach the Republic. As the campaign progresses, different factions will be seeking to use the party for their own ends. You will be forced to work together and trust each other. You will need to uncover some of the Neath’s deepest secrets, and in so doing face some of its worst horrors. Along the way, you may need to associate with some unsavory characters and make difficult decisions about who to trust and what to do.

Create a character accordingly.

The Neath is a dangerous place.




The Neath