The Neath is many things. It’s a cavern the size of a continent. Some say it’s the belly of an ancient dragon, others that it’s a punishment for some ancient sin. Whatever the truth, it’s home – and has been for as long as even the gods can remember. Part of the Neath is the Neathsea, a vast saltwater lake that stretches on further than anyone knows. There is no sun in the Neath, no stars to guide a sailor’s way. False-light shifts in the cave’s ceiling dimly, but those lights don’t stay in one place for very long. In the Neath, most light is artificial and man-made.

It’s a strange realm where the fantastical and bizarre is commonplace, where monsters rule the seas and bureaucracy the rest. It’s a place where a secret is worth as much as a soul to the right buyer and where many things are worshiped, but few of them are gods. It’s a place where death is more of a recommendation than a requirement, and most people wither away into nothing long before they die.

Our adventure begins in the Sixth City, the de facto capital of the Neath, a sprawling metropolis built around the Floating Market, the mercantile heart of the Neath and the real seat of power, as far as anyone in-the-know is concerned.

Primer: The Neath, the Sixth City, the Floating Market

Primer: Neathmortality, Correspondence, Soul Trade

Primer: Races in the Neath

Primer: Gods in the Neath

The Neath